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Paying it forward

We contribute 2% of every engagement to sponsoring open source projects that benefit our customers.

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Paying it forward

Hey friends, Mitchell here from Atlas Software.

I've got something pretty cool to share – it's about how we're shaking things up a bit and giving back to the open source world. You know, the one that's given us so much.

Why we're all in on open source

Let's be real, open source software is the unsung hero of our tech lives. It's the secret sauce behind so much of what we do at Atlas, from the nitty-gritty code in Laravel to those sleek interfaces in Vue.

It's more than just code; it's this awesome, collaborative space where everyone chips in to build something great. And honestly, it's about time we gave back.

Our 2% promise

So, here's the deal: We're setting aside 2% from every project we take on and funneling it into open source projects.

Not just any projects, though - we're talking about the ones we use day in and day out, and those hidden gems that are just brimming with potential.

  • Boosting the tools we rely on: Think of it like buying a round for the folks who've been propping us up. It's our way of saying thanks and making sure these tools keep getting better and better.

  • Helping the community thrive: It's not just about throwing money at a project. It's about supporting the actual gatherings – you know, the meetups, the get-togethers, the places where we all learn a bit more from each other. It's like investing in our own tech family.

  • Backing cool new ideas: We're always on the lookout for the next big thing in tech. When we find projects that make us go, “Wow, that's clever!” we want to help them get off the ground. It's about keeping the excitement alive.

Picking the right projects

This isn't just a business move; it's personal. We're looking for projects that:

  • Get us genuinely excited.

  • Have a real impact on our work and our clients.

  • Reflect what we stand for: innovation, teamwork, and, well, just being decent human beings in the tech world.

Bringing our clients into the mix

This isn't just our journey; it's ours together with our clients. We're keeping things transparent and sharing the stories of the projects we support. It's not just about where their money is going, but about being part of something bigger and cooler.

So, what's next?

This is more than a policy; it's part of who we are at Atlas. We're not just here to make a buck; we're here to make a difference, one line of code at a time. And we're stoked to have you with us on this ride.

Thanks for being part of our story. Let's make the tech world a bit brighter together.

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